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Diversity Channel Project

Where there is heart, there is hope.

What is Diversity Channel?

Characteristics of this project

A support tool for people with foreign roots to work healthily and safely in Japan
We are developing a "Diversity Channel" to support people with foreign roots to work healthily and safely in Japan.

We are working to ensure that everyone has safe and secure access to the medical and nursing care they need, transcending language barriers, healthcare system barriers, and educational barriers.

Our Mission

We want to deliver necessary information to the people who need it.


Development of tools to assist foreign caregivers and nurses in improving their knowledge and skills

under developme...

DLs of consent forms and instructions commonly used in hospitals are now available.

Information dissemination to ensure safe access to medical care for people with foreign roots


Applications to introduce Japanese culture and dialects


Protect all life

We are pleased to post links here to organizations and groups whose mottoes are multicultural, harmonious society, peace, equality, etc. If you are an organization that is willing to post a link, please contact us through the inquiry form.


特定非営利活動法人 国際活動市民中心CINGA (Citizen's Network for Global Activities)


特定非営利活動法人 北関東医療相談会 通称 AMIGOS(アミーゴス)

Diversity Channel
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